Pagan Pride Day


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The Auburn (Alabama) Pagan Pride Day (PPD) was held Sunday, September 23, 10am - 6:30 pm Central time, at the Davis Arboretum on the Auburn University. Hosted by Church of the Spiral Tree, PPD is always an all-day event, open to everyone, children included, and is free to attend. The non-perishable food items that were collected were donated to the East Alabama Food Bank, in the name of Church of the Spiral Tree.



Children's Craft Activities - by North Georgia Solitaries

Live Music - by Lucidian

10:00 am - Ritual Writing for Solitaries & Groups - by Lady Charissa of Silver Pine Grove & North Georgia Solitaries
Learn tips & tricks and the differences between writing for yourself and writing for a group.

11:00 am - Leadership and Pagan Groups - by Cathy

12:00 pm - Sabbats - by Cynthia & SkyDragon
Learn about the eight sabbats, what they each represent, and how and why we celebrate them.

1:00 pm - Tarot - by Stephen
What is Tarot? How does it work? What is the difference between the many decks, and how do I choose the one that is right for me? How do I learn how to do a Tarot reading? Stephen will answer all these questions and more. Bring a deck if you already have one; he will have a few there to demonstrate.

2:00 pm - Dowsing - by Linda
Learn about the ancient art of dowsing with L-rods and pendulums. Dowsing can be used to locate water, metal, lost objects, and even lost people. Rods will be provided; feel free to bring your own pendulum or rods.

3:00 pm - What is Your Path? Group Discussion - by Linda & Stephen
Do you follow a particular path? Sit down and tell us about it! Have you ever wondered about other people's paths and traditions? This is a great chance to ask someone! Let's learn from each other.

4:00 pm - Performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram - by Lord Redhawk
Learn how to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). The LBRP is a ceremonial magick ritual that is a basic preliminary to any other magickal work. It clears and prepares a space for further magickal or meditative work. This magickal ritual acts as an impenetrable barrier to unwanted magickal forces and allows you to proceed with your magickal working.

5:00 pm - Community Wreath Ritual - by Charissa, with chants by Lucidian

6:00 pm - Community Drum Circle


Charmed Enchantments - Handcrafted jewelry. Bring out the Goddess in you. nchantments

Church of the Spiral Tree - Tarot & Rune readings. The Church of the Spiral Tree (CST) is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, ecumenical pagan church, designed to foster and celebrate a sense of community and family among pagans, both locally and in other regions of the country/world. CST celebrates the unique pagan family: parents, children, elders, and extended family. It is an ecumenical church in that it encompasses all traditions, and is non-exclusive. It welcomes all who revere the Earth Mother and who respect themselves and others, regardless of which tradition one is affiliated with.

Dogwood Local Council, Covenant of the Goddess - PO Box 248, Cleveland GA 30428;

DreamScapes - Auburn's coolest store! Tapestries, incense, books, Tarot decks, pipes, shisha, hookahs, herbs, hoops, candles, oils, and more. 1635 S. College St., Auburn, AL, 334- 887-0989.

Grass Roots Church & Pagans of the Deep South - Our mission: Grass Roots Church is an assembly of Pagans in the Deep South that was founded upon the principles of an interfaith, earth-based spirituality. We hold firm that "coexist" is a perpetual verb and strive to support our fellow Pagans who live, work and thrive within the Bible Belt. Our mission statement relies upon a spirit of tolerance and acceptance of not only our Pagan brothers and sisters, but to all religions, faiths, sexualities and nationalities. We hold dear an ethic of economic sustainability out of a sincere reverence for our beloved Earth. Our goal is to build a fellowship within our Southern community that will nourish a balance for all who abide here. All who respect those premises of love are accepted within our assembly. Email:; website:

Holistic Hair Alchemist - Kathryn Lane, Auburn's only hairstylist that specializes in natural and organic hair services and products, including dreadlocks and safe ammonia-free haircolor.; (334) 275-5434.

A Living Earth - Jodi Boda-Ford. Art work, ceramics, gourd art, small henna tattoos.

MC Horsemanship - Horse Rescue, Training, Lessons, Trail Rides. MC Horsemanship on Facebook.

Pagan Pathways Church - A community based church open to all open minded individuals and groups. Our mission is to build community for all. This is a new church in Georgia. Look for us on Facebook and watch us as we grow.

Pantheon: The Auburn University Pagan Association - President: Mickey Riis. Pantheon is an Auburn University campus group with the goal of spreading knowledge of and acceptance for the Pagan community throughout the greater Auburn community - both the university and the town. We are on Facebook and linked through the Auburn website. We have an informal meeting style which takes place on alternate Thursdays. Feel free to come sit in on a meeting or join our email list. "Like" us on Facebook to keep informed about our activities or email our president with any questions at .

The Rambling Gypsy - The Rambling Gypsy offers clothing and accessories for dancers, hoopniacs, and your average eccentric! We strive to bring you great pieces at affordable prices. Coinbelts to headdresses, skirts to hair falls. Most of the items in the market are handmade to ensure quality and the unique look you desire. We offer fantastic costumes for the dancer on a budget. New items are always in the works and custom orders are also accepted.,