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The Auburn (Alabama) Pagan Pride Day (PPD) was held Saturday, September 28, 10am - 6:30 pm Central time, at the Davis Arboretum on the Auburn University. Hosted by Church of the Spiral Tree, PPD is always an all-day event, open to everyone, children included, and is free to attend. The non-perishable food items that were collected were donated to the East Alabama Food Bank, in the name of Church of the Spiral Tree.


11:00 am - Introduction to Rootwork - by Siryn
Root work basics- We'll discuss tools, practices, manifestation, and we will make homemade oil lamps for healing you can take home with you.

12:00 pm - Dowsing - by Linda
Learn about the ancient art of dowsing with L-rods and pendulums. Dowsing can be used to locate water, metal, lost objects, and even lost people. Rods will be provided; feel free to bring your own pendulum or rods.

1:00 pm - Church of the Spiral Tree's General Membership Meeting & Elections
A meeting for all active members of Church of the Spiral Tree. Our bi-annual officer elections will also be held at this time. If you are interested in joining CST, you are welcome to stop by and meet us!

2:00 pm - Animal Sense- Working Animal Spirits - by Siryn
This class breaks down into a easy to use chart using animal energies. It will be designed specifically for you. So, start thinking and writing down animals you love. You will learn to use them in your every day practices.

3:00 pm - Zisasege - a ritual by Nine Worlds American Kindred
A sege (aka blot) is a simple ritual to honor a specific deity, set of deities, ancestors, or land spirits. A Zisasege is, therefore a sege (or blot) to Zisa (also called Cisa). Zisa is the goddess of justice, the "undoer of knots," and the "remover of obstacles." Zisa is associated with Tyr and was referred to by Tacitus as "'Isis' of the Suevi." The traditional date for a Zisasege is the September 28.

4:00 pm - Numerology - by Sarah
Using your name and your birthdate, we will discuss meanings such as your life path, soul urge, personality, personal cycles, and challenges.

5:00 pm - Show and Tell - by skippy
Come "show" yourself and "tell" us about your path, experiences, and any other bits of personal information you might want to share with the community. This will be an informal discussion, with attendees surrounding the moderator in a circle. So, come, meet, and learn about your fellow pagans. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two if you're not careful!

6:00 pm - Open Ritual - by skippy & Ricarda

7:00 pm - Community Drum Circle


Arianna Tribal Fusion - Arianna is a tribal fusion belly dancer in the Auburn and Opelika Area. She currently teaches weekly classes and performs both as a solo artist and with her student troupe, Village Plains Tribal Fusion. For more information on performances or classes, visit her website at or email her at

CatNip Dreams - Natural stone jewelry, both ritual and everyday, jewelry and hair pieces with Swarovski crystals, smudge fans and painted hats. Makalina Kittenmother, Columbus, GA, (706) 393-4788,

Circle of the Sacred Drum and the CSD School of Shamanism - Rev. David R.Cobb will be selling and autographing copies of his book series "Call of the Sacred Drum" and will have information about the CSD School of Shamanism, and the Correllian Tradition. Our partner, 80 Cures Healing Center, will also be selling handmade shamanic tools at our booth.;

DreamScapes - Auburn's coolest store! Tapestries, incense, books, Tarot decks, pipes, shisha, hookahs, herbs, hoops, candles, oils, and more. 1635 S. College St., Auburn, AL, (334) 887-0989.

Karma & Medusa's Lair - Medusa's Lair is Auburn's only organic concepts hair salon, and is inside Karma, Auburn's eco-friendly and alternative body, art, learning, and transformation center, offering natural products, massage therapy, Reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, Tarot readings, spiritual services, art, education, and more. 1655-H S. College St., Auburn, AL, (334) 502-3001. www.karmamedusa.

The Moonlit Dance - Julie Smallwood and Hope McCurley
Hand-strung bead bracelets, charm bracelets, earrings, and necklaces; crochet scarves and hemp bracelets.,, ance.

Nightshade - Charlotte Baker
Handmade sterling silver and copper wire one-of-a-kind jewelry; tree-of-life pendants; glass cabochon pendants, keyrings, and magnets; herbal dream pillows; handmade goddess dolls; altar accessories.

The Wyrd Sister and Nine Worlds Kindred - Angela Farmer
All proceeds go to support Nine Worlds American Kindred,, Auburn Alabama. Contact: