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The 2017 Auburn (Alabama) Pagan Pride Day (PPD) was held Saturday, September 23, 12pm - 6:00 pm Central time, at the Davis Arboretum on the Auburn University. Hosted by Church of the Spiral Tree, PPD is always an all-day event, open to everyone, children included, and is free to attend. The non-perishable food items that were collected were donated to the East Alabama Food Bank, in the name of Church of the Spiral Tree.

As a fundraiser, CST offered snacks, chips, water, and soft drinks for sale throughout the day.


12:00 pm
Nature Matters: Connecting to Mother Earth in a Busy World - by Seba

This class will discuss ways in which we can reconnect to Nature, regardless of our schedules or habitat. As Pagans, such a connection is critical for balance and spiritual health. Come chat with us about some of the methods that our Tribe uses!

1:00 pm
Show and Tell - by skippy

Come "show" yourself and "tell" us about your path, experiences, and any other bits of personal information you might want to share with the community. This will be an informal discussion, with attendees surrounding the moderator in a circle. So, come, meet, and learn about your fellow pagans. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two if you're not careful!

2:00 pm
Beginner Dowsing and Pendulum Reading - by Eponaskia

In this class I will teach the basics of dowsing with the aid of a pendulum or even a heavy weighted object of the students' choosing.

2:30 pm
Church of the Spiral Tree's General Membership & Elections Meeting

A voting meeting for all active members of Church of the Spiral Tree. Interested non-members are also welcome to stop by and meet us!

3:00 pm
Light Yoga & Meditation - by Beth

Join us for some gentle stretching and balance work. We will begin and end our practice with meditation, in order to reach a full mind/body connection. Please bring a mat (and extras, if you have them), water, and an open heart to guide your journey.

Reiki ( Healing Emotional and Mental Wounds) - by LaDeana C. Robinson

This class will teach you a short history of Reiki and how working with the energy for your heart chakra releases deep emotional and mental wounds from any past life.

4:00 pm
Ten Reasons to (Not) Be Pagan - by Hephaestia

Paths cross, deviate, and intertwine, but how do you know a pagan path is for you? We'll be discussing ten talking points to give your hungry spiritual mind some good for thought, highlighting reasons why or why not the pagan path is for you. This class is excellent for newcomers to our community as it discusses general guidelines as well as etiquette.

5:00 pm
Main Ritual - by Ivee

Join us at our Main Ritual to celebrate the Equinox. The ritual is open to all.

6:00 pm - CLOSE


BronzeWolf Crafting and Cosplay, Emily Ryan - Hand crafted jewelry, candles, pandants, and keychains.;

BumbleBreCreations - High quality handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry. Find me on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram! Custom orders are always welcome! Breanna Ditterline, Sylacauga, AL.

Church of the Spiral Tree - CST, the sponsor of Auburn Pagan Pride Day, is a legally incorporated, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) religious organization, since 1997, based out of Auburn, Alabama. We are a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, ecumenical, LGBTQ-friendly, Pagan church, designed to foster and celebrate a sense of community and family among pagans, both locally and in other regions of the country/world. Yearly memberships for individuals and families begin at $20/year. We offer regular sabbat rituals, monthly Meetups for dinner and fellowship, and other activities to bring together Pagans from all over.

Divination Readings by Sharon - Sharon is an initiate of the Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition founded by Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, a third degree Priestess of the Temple of Witchcraft, certified Reiki practitioner and Shamanic healer. A gifted psychic of many years and an intuitive reader. Sit and have your cards read with not only me but with the Animal Spirit world as well. Each reading is unique and tailored to your individual needs. I am also available for parties and telephone readings as well.

Problem Child Studios - Art and paintings by Dahliah Devi, 1426 Saugahatchee Rd., Auburn, AL. (606) 482-0901;;

Rocktopus - Energetic artistic handcrafted jewelry. Lacey Ferguson, 203.873.7546;

Scent Wizards - Organic and natural soaps and body lotions. 108 Company Street, Wetumpka, AL, 36092; (334) 478-3801;

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